I have some exciting news. Two paintings from my iPhone Self-Portrait Series are being featured in group exhibitions this summer.
The paintings in this series use music I’m listening to on my iPhone as a form of proxy self-portraiture. Here, music becomes an emotional shorthand for specific life-events. This is a way of telling my own story, while inviting the viewer to reflect on their own.
For those of you in New York, please check out “The Patriot” at O’Flaherty’s at 55 Ave. C, where you can see my painting Untitled Self-Portrait (A New Career in a New Town), 2016. The exhibition is open daily through August 10th from 2 - 8 p.m.
This over-the-top group show has been getting a lot of attention, including two articles in the New York Times.  
I’m grateful to Jamian for including my painting and putting it in such a prominent location.  
I’m also happy to announce that Untitled Self-Portrait (God), 2019 will be featured next month in the exhibition “Wildflowers in the Concrete Jungle,” at Pace Gallery. More information on that to follow.
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