Waking the Living

Exhibition at SNS, Berlin, September 2009

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Øystein Aasan
Diana Artus
Marc Bijl
Linda Franke
Christian Jankowski
Klaus Jörres
Daniel Kingery
Marcus Knupp
Rodney Latourelle
Stephen Neidich

"In every novel the work is divided between the writer and reader; but the writer makes the reader very much as he makes his characters... When he makes him well, that is, makes him interested, then the reader does quite half the labour." - Henry James

In an artwork, as in literature, it can be said that meaning is created in the space where the artist and the viewer meet. The artist has no control over the associations and experiences the viewer brings with her/him. Yet the goal of the artwork is to engage the viewer in a way that awakens something and starts a dialogue that otherwise could not have existed.

The artworks in Waking the Living address precisely this phenomenon. They seek to engage the viewer and activate the gaze, to speak directly to the her/him or to cause the viewer to reevaluate his or her modes of cognitive perception and understanding.

Waking the Living is a group exhibition curated by Daniel Kingery during Art Forum Berlin.


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Installation Images