It's A Bored Nation at Kunsthalle Projects

Posted on 2014-06-06 19:57:08 BST.

Opening 7 p.m. Friday, June 13th at 111 Front St. in DUMBO

The Kunsthalle is proud to open our summer show, It’s A Bored Nation on Friday June 13th at 7pm at 111 Front Street. It’s A Bored Nation brings together artists who use the banal, everyday, or quotidian as a starting point for their artistic practice and commentary. The work mines daily occurrences as inspiration, employs common materials for production, and become obsessive in their mark-making. It’s A Bored Nationmeets at the intersection where youthful boredom and artistic expression meet; both roads ultimately leading to rebellion, trouble, glory, and fame.

Artists: Glen Baldridge, Robert Deeds, Delia Gonzalez, William Hempel, Daniel Kingery, Liliya Lifanova, Wyatt Nash, Stephen Neidich, Albert Shelton, Doug Young, Rhys Ziemba, Jeremy Zini

8:30 p.m. performance by William Hempel: Small Talk, 2014

9:30 p.m. performance by Robert Deeds: Composition for Two Drum Machines, a Sampler and a Borrowed Keyboard, 2014


Image: Doug Young, Tray of Food, 2012


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